Monday, 21 November 2011

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So here it goes, yet another new blog of mine, this time with a difference as it'll have absolute no mention of 3D of VFX at all. I've been saying for years that I'd love to write a book one day of all the crazy stuff that's happened to me before I came into 3D and the crazy things I'd own up to. But as there is a real risk that by the time I have the inclination to write such a book, that I'd not be able to remember anything and be a dribbling cabbage anyways (my wife would say I already am) it seems to be a good idea to get these memories down on virtual paper before they get erased from my brain forever.

Now I don't expect people to believe a lot of what I'm putting here, but I can promise you that crazy as this and the following entries will be they are all 100% true. They are in no particular order and put here as I remember them. You'll find some common themes are my teenage years, the 6 months I spent homeless living on the streets and things that definitely come under the heading 'illegal' or 'stupid'. I shall not be changing names to protect those just as stupid as I was back then...although I will miss out surnames as a number have very powerful jobs now lol.

Firstly some background /potted history of the areas we're talking about that will crop up later. (Hint: they are all in England)

Although born about 2miles from where I now live, when I was very young my parents moved to the centre of Leeds to a brand new housing estate. Only after being the 1st people to move in to find that they were followed by the worst sort of scum imaginable. This was the early 1970's and my 1st memory is of our street, which was covered in small cubes of glass, so much that you could hardly make out the tarmac. My dad worked hard at that time as an aluminium welder, and my mother looked after 1st me and then my brother who was born when I was 4.

1977 (the year star wars was released) we moved back to Consett where we stayed and my parents still live. it's a old ex heavy industrial town where during the 1980's we have 70% unemployment. Eventually on moving out I moved into a massive flat owned by a mate of my dad's (I never got over it having a massive crystal chandelier in the front room lol). Cue whole relationship with my ex, and ending up homeless. I clawed my way back and eventually ended up in a fantastic house that fast become party central in a place called delves lane. After that cue wife and kids and 3D taking over more of my time than was sane.

So that's the basic frame work we'll be working within. Some stuff will be funny, some sad, some 'WTF!' moments and some I swear no other human will believe. You may never view me the same way again, but in my defense I was very young and never turned down a chance of an adreneline rush.

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